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Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, from Lois McMaster Bujold's Barryar chronicles. I wouldn't be surprised if half the women on my friendslist say the same. And that a lot of the ones who don't have never read the stories.
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Oh, definitely. There was the Mousemobile, my '81 Chevette that didn't have horsepower so much as mousepower; Claudia, the Renault Alliance that resented not growing up to be an Oldsmobile (here's a tip, don't name your cars after crazy vampires, they live up to it just like cats), Inchcape, who WAS an Oldsmobile (Delta 88), Iggy the silver Volvo wagon, Candy-O the red Cavalier convertible, Iggy Blue the second Volvo wagon, also known as the Tank-brick, and now Gossamer, who is another little red Chevy hatchback just like my very first car ever. Yes, named after the hairy red sneaker monster from Looney Tunes. I have a Gossamer fob on my key chain and a little stuffie Gossamer hanging from the rearview mirror. Isn't it great that Six Flags has Looney Tunes theming?

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Nobody's going to be surprised if I say "coffee," right?

My grandmother taught me to drink coffee when I was two years old. When she died, last year, the thing I wanted most as a memento was a cup and saucer from her brunch set. I was tempted to ask about the old red percolator, even though I don't like perked coffee very much.

Giving up coffee permanently would be awful for me. But... any amount of money? Seriously? Because, as Han Solo said, I can imagine a lot.

If it were enough to provide me with a condo in either Harvard or Davis Square, with parking for an Austin Healey Mk 1 Sprite, said Sprite (red, please), and an income for the rest of my life (natural lifespan please, none of this hit by a bus next week stuff!) sufficient to keep me fed, and supplied with the usual amenities including hot and cold running Internet, and the whimsical little car kept in good running order, plus entertainment and travel...

THEN I might be willing to give up coffee. And I'd probably be swallowing Vivarin with my breakfast chocolate.

...even coffee ICE CREAM?

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