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In other words, I was able to replace the dashboard lights in the instrument cluster, but in the process I dropped a warning lamp somewhere back there. Nothing crucial is unlit, because the upshift/overdrive off light was not providing useful information, so yanked that one and swapped it into the empty space, but there's a lamp floating around back there. I should have pointed the Maglite at the back of the cluster FIRST instead of trying to do it by touch, I wouldn't have yanked so many warning lamps in the process.

The parts people at Gengras Volvo are super nice and forthcoming with helpful tips instead of being dismissive. This is refreshing.

I also picked up the wiring harness for the tailgate. It'd be nice to have the high brake light and the rear defroster and the license plate light and the rear wiper all working again. They haven't since I've owned the car.

This means that, yes, I finally got the car back from Claude with its brakes fixed. $189 and change for replacing the master cylinder. Ugh. What was worse was the $249 for the RENTAL car, but given the skeevy guy pulling up to me (and wow did I not look like anyone's idea of a hooker, I was wearing my kitchen checks and a zippered hoodie and a Jack Skellington bandana covering ALL my hair), there wasn't much of a choice.

Am feeling MUCH better than yesterday, when I stayed home from work because I was running a fever again. Of course, the run-over-by-a-truck feeling could have been my body fighting the lingering cold, or it could have been the onset of That Time Of The Month, since that started yesterday afternoon, ugh. Anyway, today I put in 8 hours, and got lemon bars made, and and a half-sheet of krispytreats, and raisin scones to go along with the apricot-almond ones, and everything's in order for tomorrow, I think. The place survived without me for a day, which surprised me a little, but it wasn't 100%.

It's so nice to have my OWN car back.


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