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The kitchen table is in the kitchen again.

The floor wasn't dry, though, so I had to mop out my grimy footprints afterwards.

So, rather than bring the chairs in, I went to work on the study.

Two copier paper boxes of Christy's books, downstairs in the front hall disaster area.

Two grocery bags of her back issues of celebrity gossip magazines, out with the recycling.

One plastic grocery bag of trash, in the dumpster.

Also, I found the ear thermometer, which has been missing for some months.

It still looks like hell in here, but I did something. Yay!
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It took 9 songs out of 13 on the Succubus Club disc to get the kitchen floor mopped.

It's still not as clean as I'd like it, but I don't think it CAN be short of bleach and a wet-vac to take all the dirty water off.

I'm letting it dry, and then I'll move the table and chairs back in.

Next step, unpacking the boxes of my kitchen stuff so I have dishes and pots again.

everything is still a disaster, but I have done something.

if it takes going to Tisane every morning for a latte, then that's what it takes.

tomorrow, I go to a traveling zoo thing with [livejournal.com profile] melovechocolate and the neighbors.

little by little.
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The cookbooks that were Christy's are boxed up and out of the kitchen.

The back issues of cooking magazines (except Cook's Illustrated) are recycled.

The two boxes of cookbooks that I had taken with me when I moved out are back on the shelves.

The floor has been vacuumed.

After I post this and check my friends page again, I will go put on another CD and scrub the kitchen floor.

Then I can move the table back in.

I WILL get this house livable again.


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