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 I don't really have a lot to report, because book stuff has been taking up all my attention. Kiddo's performances for summer theater internship are this weekend, and I'm going to see tomorrow's matinee; college move-in is LABOR DAY WEEKEND, holy shit. I'm coming up to spend a couple of days with [personal profile] anne this week and we will tackle Bureaucracy together and watch Pride & Prejudice, all six hours of it probably, as a reward.

I'm still writing guest blog posts to promote Love Continuance and Increasing (look it's on Amazon now! Also on Barnes & Noble) and I swear, I did not realize that writing stuff to promote a historical romance to a general romance audience would turn into something like taking an AP History exam. I keep feeling like I'm cheating by not putting in footnotes.

I made a Pinterest for Julian Griffith. I'm still not entirely clued in about Pinterest but it's there. I figure I can store pictures there as easily as on my hard drive. The follow button is on the Official Website.

I'm about to write a guest post about cooking. Which is hilarious since between the weather and the workload I haven't really cooked in weeks. But it's historical cooking, which is different, right? I get to tell the story of how the first meal in the book is actually food that I ate at Craigie on Main.

At least now I get to call "faffing around on social networks" by the all-too-dignified name of "promotion" now?
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