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 I think I've managed to figure out how to handle my Multiple Friggin' Accounts. I was doing it before with incognito windows, but then I learned the trick of multiple Gmail sign-ins in one window, and stopped using the incognito window, to the detriment of my alternate Tumblr and Twitter feeds. Plus the complication of starting a roleplaying Twitter account. (I couldn't resist the chance to be Edrington,)

I have to go back to the incognito method. First window for this, my RL identity. Incognito for [personal profile] julian_griffith . Tumblr/Twitter in appropriate windows. And Edrington by TweetDeck on my phone. Does anyone know if TweetDeck lets you have separate, simultaneous Chrome tabs for each account?

Also, I'm going to try to do a purge on my LJ friendslist. First off, if you have duplicate DW and LJ accounts and crosspost, remind me, and I'll delete you from LJ so I don't see the same posts twice. I'll see if I can duplicate my filters -- I forget if DW lets you make concentric circles within "access granted."

If you have duplicate accounts and don't have me added on DW, please do? I don't want to lose touch with you. And if you use different handles on each but use the same content, give me a heads-up as to who you are.

Second, if you're LJ-only, and I can't remember who the hell you are, I may drop you. I forget if LJ notifies you of this: after I do it, I'll make a public "Purge Achieved" and a subsequent "Locked Test" post. If you don't see the Locked Test post, and still want me to read your stuff and have access to my locked stuff (which I hardly post anything of any more), drop a comment in the Purge Achieved post and I'll add you back.

End of housekeeping. Time to do dishes.
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